The software platform for Multilevel Marketing

Used by the biggest players in different countries, it is cut to size and personalized to exactly cover all the needs of your network and your business.


Network Management

The platform is customized to manage your MLM sales method. Trees, matrices, qualifications, career shots, slips, dynamic compressions, bonuses, referral links and more are managed exactly as per your marketing plan, which we will analyze together


Commissions Calculation

The calculation of all commissions (fixed, percentage, one-off, recursive, with entrepreneurial difference, by area, bonus, over, extra, etc.) takes place immediately or by time period, implementing exactly the logic of your business, as you decided during the initial analysis



Payment documents (self-bills, invoices, tax receipts, notes) are produced according to the tax profiles of the agents, in accordance with the law, and are sent by email, published in the agents reserved area and sent to the accounts. Automatic payments are managed using different channels and SDI Electronic Invoicing.

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The adoption of our platform allows you, immediately, to have a flexible control and management tool, able to follow you even during the growth of your business. Our expert consultants are able to follow you and advise you on technical issues and also related to the MLM world

Here are some of our strengths that have allowed us to achieve the current results:

  • Developed and fully supported in Italy
  • It is cut to size and customized exactly to your needs
  • We have a great experience that derives from the use by many players of the MLM market in different countries, since 2008, both large and small
  • Our consultants support you throughout the implementation process
  • The basic platform is naturally ready and can be activated in a very short time
  • It is fully integrated with third-party solutions to extend its potential and characteristics
  • If you wish, they can also provide you with an e-commerce site fully integrated with the platform

supports your business?

The platform creates a complete calculation and control system relating to customers, agents, sales, hierarchical structures and commissions; there are analyzes and control reports to check trends and profitability.

STONE MLM solves administrative problems by managing the calculations relating to the payments and taxes of each agent.

It is configured as a communication channel with its network, providing training videos, general documents, information panels for announcements or news and a tool for managing events / meetings that agents organize on the territory.

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BackEnd for Operators

Network control system, data collection, parameter entry, commission calculation, reporting and trend analysis. Fully multilanguage

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FrontEnd for Agents and Customers

Web FrontEnd for agents' control of the performance of their network and for communication with the company. Fully multilanguage

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Interface API

Interface structure with each external system (e-commerce, landing pages, customer sites, etc.) in order to exchange information completely and easily

Use in the Cloud

No hardware investment, use it through normal Internet connection, from wherever you want

Fully customizable

You don't have to adapt to the software but the opposite! We cut it to measure for your business

Integration with third party platforms

Fully connected with external services to expand the functionality available to your sales force

Virtual Office

Many tools available to your network within their reserved area, usable by PC, Tablet or Smartphone

Unique Features
for your business

STONE MLM is fully integrated and connected with third-party platforms that expand and complete its features, as well as having optional modules

  • MULTILANGUAGE - BackEnd and FrontEnd fully multilanguage with manual or automatic translation using Google Translate®
  • SOCIAL MEDIA - Integration with SpidWit® and PostPickr®, automation platforms for posting on agents' social channels
  • WEBINAR e VIDECONFERENZE - Integration with Zoom® for programming and managing video calls for training and interaction between network participants
  • BLOG - Integration with WordPress® for the management of the company blog for the exchange of information with the network
  • YOUTUBE® - Integration with a special channel for viewing instructional videos on the use of the platform from within it
  • PAYPAL® - Integration with the platform for the automatic sending of payments to agents
  • SEPA - Production of payment files for banks in standard format ABI®
  • SAF - Integration with the tax assistance service of Univendita® (trade association) for the management of agents' tax problems
  • E-COMMERCE (OPTIONAL) - Optional supply of an e-commerce site fully integrated with the platform, based on PrestaShop® technology
  • STONE (OPTIONAL) - Management module for the active billing of customers, warehouses, suppliers, etc.
  • ORGANIZZO (OPTIONAL) - Module for the management of business process flows (contact management, order acquisition, etc.)
  • PUNTI CASSA (OPTIONAL)- Module for the management of data coming from the checkout points of physical stores


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Some example screens from the platform, both in the BackEnd and FrontEnd areas


Active Installations


Years of MLM experience


Managed Agents


Markets Managed

STONE MLM Customers

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Some of the companies that have chosen the STONE MLM platform over time to manage their networks, in different countries and in the various reference markets

Cost Structure

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The final cost of the platform depends on three components, as described below. One of our consultants will carry out a preventive analysis with you to understand how your network is organized in order to submit, without obligation, a personalized quote with the right solution for your needs.

Our technicians will follow you during the life of your company and, if necessary, will implement any changes that may be required.


  • Servers setup
  • 2 Installations (Live and Test)
  • Basic configurations
  • Training

Marketing Plan Implementation

  • Analysis with your staff
  • Customization development
  • Testing and field checks
  • Import previous data
Requires analysis

Monthly License Fee

  • User license
  • Server and data hosting
  • Telephone and remote assistance
  • Releasing of new versions


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Some more information to help you understand how we operate and what we can do for you

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1. Who is STONE MLM produced and managed by?

STONE MLM is a product developed and managed in Italy by DATEX SRL, a software house in Milan with over 25 years of international experience in the management software sector

2. Our way of networking is special. How can I be sure that STONE MLM meets my needs?

The platform will be customized exactly for your needs, based on the initial analysis of your marketing plan and the particularities of your business carried out with our staff. It is the software that adapts to your way of working and not the other way around

3. Does STONE MLM integrate with my e-commerce site?

Of course, through the API layer (WCF) made available by the platform. The exchange of data will take place easily, using the current industry standards (REST, SOAP, XML, JSON) that those who manage the site know perfectly. If you don't have it, we can provide it for you!

4. How long will I be able to start working with the STONE MLM platform?

The exact times depend on the customizations necessary to adapt the platform to your way of working, but we can tell you that we have never kept waiting for a new customer for more than a few weeks at most

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